CMFI International Headquarters

CMFI International Headquarters

The International Headquarters of Christian Missionary Fellowship Int’l in koume-Bertoua in Cameroon is a personal history between the Lord Jesus Christ and His Servant Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum, the founding leader of the movement.

The koume land is a land of promise. Koume is a land located about 8km from the centre of the town of Bertoua, the capital town of the Eastern region of Cameroon. The area is well watered by a small river called koume, from which the village derives its name. The source of the water is a natural spring starting from the upper limits of the land. The land is flat and the soil is fertile. The climate is warm and accommodating for most part of the year. The vegetation is savannah on the lower limits and equatorial forest towards the north. Hence a wide variety of agricultural activities can be carried out on the land.

It was since about 2 years after Brother Zach (as he’s mostly called) came to Cameroon from Uganda and started preaching the gospel immediately in 1975, that the need for a Headquarters for the ministry that God had called him to arise.
 In 1979, he rented an apartment in Mvog-Ada(a quarter in Yaounde, Cameroon) to tackle administrative matters and some spiritual needs of the ministry (councelling, prayer and so on). He called that little office “The Voice of The Gospel”. As time passes, his walk with God began to deepen. Tracts and books were written as an overflow of his relationship with God and by instruction from the Lord to meet the demands of his expanding and increasing ministry. The Voice of the Gospel was where the tracts, the books and cassatte were been produced. And soon a bigger accommodation was needed. He left this place and moved to a bigger place in another quarter in Yaounde. He continued like this until the Lord spoke clearly to him in 1999 about the need to find a place outside Yaounde for the Headquarters of the work with the dimension of 100km². The search for a land with such a scope was undertaken and in 2000, a land was found on the Sanaga-Bafia road between the Ebebda bridge and Bafia town(a locality in the central region of Cameroon).

After Bro. Zach was informed of such a land, he went before the Lord to get His approval and to find out the price to pay in the spiritual for the possession of this land. That was how he received clearly from the Lord at the end of the year 2000 that he had to carry out 7 prayer walks covering the length of the land situated between Sanaga and Bafia, a total of 47km. In obedience to the Lord’s instructions, Brother Zach set out for the prayer walks required as the price to be paid in the spiritual realm for the acquisition of the Headquarters on the Sanaga-Bafia road. Brother Zach Knew that all that had to be done for the Lord by man had to be done with all eagerness and joy. He carried out the 7 prayer walks of 47km each with a sense of urgency and with joy for the privilege to serve the Lord. Most of the time he came back with blisters, cracks and scrapings all over his feet feeling much pain. All the 7 prayer walks were accomplished between the 12th of February and the 27th of March 2001. God enabled Brother Zach to accomplish these 7 prayer walks (47km x 7) for His exclusive Glory.

After the 7 prayer walks, in March 2002 the Lord asked Brother Zach again to do another 7 prayer walks to complete the price that he had to pay for the land. However this time the Lord instructed that these 7 walks were to be walks of thanksgiving, praise and worship. He therefore had to make no requests. This second series of walks took place between the 12th of October and the 8th of November 2002. One thing that the Lord did was that at the 4th walk, He said to Brother Zach that His heart (God’s) was satisfied and that that 4th walk was the last in the series. So with the 7 prayer walks of 2001, Brother Zach carried out 11 prayer walks of 47km each as the price to be paid for the headquarters and for him it was a settled matter.

Meanwhile, in February 2003 in Limbe during the second convention of our ministry in Cameroon, Brother Zach publicly announced that the next convention was going to take place in December 2004 in Bertoua. The Lord therefore asked him to urgently buy a 25-hectare land in Bertoua for the hosting of the next convention. The land was found in koume Bonis in Bertoua and it was bought. Later on in 2003, more hectares were acquired until it reached 48 hactares.

It was in February 2004 while Brother Zach was in Beijing, China in a 10-day shut-in retreat which the Lord had instructed him to do, that the Lord revealed clearly to him that the land in koume, Bertoua where 48 hectares of the land had been bought was His love gift to him for the Headquarters of Christian Missionary Fellowship Int’l and that the 11 prayer walks that he had undertaken on the Sanaga-Bafia road was th price paid for this land that He God was giving to him in Bertoua. This was how the land in koume, Bertoua became the base of our ministry in Cameroon, in Africa and in the world.

The Headquarters of Christian Missionary Fellowship int’l in koume-Bertoua is therefore the base of operation of the ministry with a distinct responsibility of ensuring the accomplishment of the totality of the vision from the Lord through Brother Zach and from where direction and leadership are provided for our work in the nations for the accomplishment of our global goal. It is a place from where massive praying, fasting and praises is being continuously raised up to God. A place from where missionaries are being trained and sent to the nations. A place from where our books shall be massively published and distributed. A place of abundant seeking of God. A place that will be a blessing to the body of Christ. A place where the presence and the power of God shall be a tangible reality, such that within a radius of 100km, the power of God shall begin to be felt in a definite way. A place with a beautifully arranged natural environment and structures marked by simplicity, excellent design and proximity to nature in their appearance. It is a place where all who desire God can come and where people, dignitaries and nations shall be attracted to. Although Brother Zach had gone to be with the Lord, the vision that the Lord gave to him have continued.

Since the headquarters of our ministry in koume started functioning officially on the 1st of January 2011 under the leadership of Brother Theodore Andoseh who succeeded Brother Zach after his departure to glory, there has been a lot of progress. Structures have been raised for offices, dormitories, buckaroo apartments, meeting place and so on. Brethren have continued to troop-in in large numbers for the Sessions of the World University of Prayer and Fasting. Missionaries are being trained in the School of Knowing and Serving God and leadership training for leaders of Churches associated with Our Ministry have been regular. Prayers are being raised to God for our ministry everyday at the World Conquest Prayer Nights. One outstanding feature of the Headquarters is the fact all who have come there have one testimony that God is there.

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